Square Collapsible Fire Pit – Batman


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This Fire Pit breaks down into 9 individual pieces (12 if you get a bbq grill). It boast’s a massive base of 450x450mm, height of the fire pit overall is 690mm, with the depth of the fire pit being 385mm allowing you to have that increased fire size, whilst not burning the ground below and keeping good airflow. The design having angled sides it leaves for a greater area on top of 550x550mm. These are constructed from 3 & 4mm steel and weighing in at approx 30kg. This design is tailored to be compliant with parks and wildlifes regulations of minimum 200mm off of the ground.

When collapsed back down it sits 36mm high, with a base dimension of 550×450.
All design’s come with 2 blank sides and 2 sides with metal art, as shown in display images above.
There is also optional bbq grill, rotisserie brackets and catch available for this model. (rotisserie brackets suit the gasmate battery rotisserie available at Bunnings)

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 55 × 45 × 4 cm
Fire Pit

Fire Pit

BBQ Grill

BBQ Grill, None

Catch Tray

Catch Tray, None

Rotisserie Brackets

Rotisserie Brackets, None


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